Friday, April 28, 2017

Continuing to Find Workout Motivation!

It's been a while everyone! Hope you are all doing well.

Have you all been working out!? I hope so!

I've been struggling with workout motivation mostly over the past several months and have posted about it. I've been lucky in the sense that I DO keep working out even if it is just going through the motions.
Since I work at a gym it is hard NOT to at least the find the time. Working out is my medicine in life and without it I just don't feel right, so I always do something!

Zuzka I have found more motivating lately. I like her handstand and stretching stuff. I continue to follow Bret Contreras and do his workouts regularly that way I don't have to come up with my own stuff and follow a program.
I took a peek at BR.TV the other day and WOW how it has changed.
I did do one rep of a 35 lb weighted pull-up this morning! I did a 175 lb deadlight for 4 reps too - I've done more weight, but for 175 lbs, I've done 3 reps, this morning I did it for 4 reps, so I was happy with that.

Where I've been REALLY been getting psyched to workout lately is indoor rock climbing. I tried it with my kids and I'm addicted! It is so challenging and so damn fun! And also so damn expensive! I cannot afford to do it as much as I would like. I need to find a way to fit more of that into my life. My kids love it, I love it. I want a rock climbing wall in my backyard, LOL. I could do this everyday all day long. Have any of you tried it?

There is another woman that I follow on Instagram - Sohee Fit. She has her own web-site too She gets a lot of her workouts from Bret. She is one smart ANF fit woman. She used to have an eating disorder as well. Check her out. You might learn something - either about working out OR nutrition. She's super likable, and I find all of her stuff to be an easy read.


  1. Hi! Yes, BR has changed. I never was into their stuff, but lately have been dabbling into their LIVE routines and really find them effective and good. I am planning on doing the longer lives a few days a week, and Zuzka and GMB and skill practice on the other days. Focusing on Flexibility with classical stretch and easyflexibility. We'll see if i stick to this plan. What do you think of workouts like LekFit?

    1. Hi Tracey! I have not tried LekFit. Looks like you get a 30 day trial, then you have to pay. Seems like a popular online strategy these days!

    2. Yeah, but i miss that High intensity feeling when i just do these type of workouts. I really have a hard time getting into Zuzka's workouts anymore as they are too short, not so intense anymore(geared towards beginners) and i get tired of piecing them together. I love Jade Teta and Jill Coleman but i don't want to do super heavy lifting. Hmmmm., maybe i am in that funk you were discussing a while back. lol

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  3. I am finding Zuzka's workout kind of boring. I keep going back and doing old ones, and to me it isn't really worth the money. She also seems maybe a little overwhelmed lately. She seems to get very defensive with customers and kind of goes off sometimes. I understand she gets annoyed trying to please everyone, but she isn't professional sometimes. I saw a comment she left to a customer that made a comment about having paying for her meal plan she just put out.
    I understand she worked hard and should be paid for her work, but she kind of went off unprofessionally on this girl and then her army of minions went off too! Haha. I kind of felt bad for the girl. Haha
    I guess my point is I find that kind of environment unmotivating and kind of negative.
    I do still love Melissa Bender and I do also like Lisa Marie's live videos as well. Her workouts are pretty straight forward and focus on building strength. I just turn the sound down and play my music. :-)

    1. OMG! I feel the same way. I also am really liking the Lisa Lives and find them very effective. My body is really changing since beginning these and am becoming very tight without diet change. I never thought i would get into BR but i am now. I also just purchased Jade Teta's Metcon 10. It is a 10 week workout program based on 10 moves and 10 foods. I like him and find him very knowledgable. I thought about purchasing zuzka's food program, but i changed my mind. I do not think she is being fully honest with her "training". It is obivious that her workouts are much more difficult than what she puts in her zgym and she spends much more time training in order to be as graceful and strong/defined as she is. At least Lisa is being honest about how long she trains and what she does. At least it seems that way by what i see. I will keep you updated by what i observe. i also am not subscribing anymore to zgym

    2. Ohh, she hasn't posted any new ones in a while, but I do love the videos! I have to lose weight for a family reunion, and you're right, those workouts made me see more rapid results versus a lot of workouts, but I still love Z's ZWOWs. I've been doing them, starting from the beginning, and I love them more than the current videos. After ZWOW 1, I didn't workout for over a week, and I swear that my butt was dramatically lifted after doing it!

    3. It´s funny how Z still haven´t learnt how to deal with customers. I mean if there is some critique - it feels like she doesn´t know how to react correctly and respectfully.

      I actually believe Z is training the way she says. She is genetically VERY gifted. There are people like that. Her body responses to training amazingly well. That´s how I think, but of course, everybody is allowed to have an opinion. :)

      I kinda miss these "talks" on here Gina´s page! I hope everyone is doing great! <3

    4. Irene, I agree, but I don't care for who she is now, but I have immense respect for how she was able to get to where she is now based on her start- she's an inspiration! I just don't care for her new workouts. For her, I think it's more to do with her diet. If I eat like her and cut out all carbs and most of my calories, I get cut pretty easily and get dramatic results, but I DO like sweets!

    5. Yes, her diet is very important. She probably eats like 9 kcals/per day (just kidding) which helps her a lot to have that all year around super lean body. But she looked really good even before low carb dieting. But I guess she ate 9 kcals/per day back then too. :) Her body seems to react greatly to training combined with strict dieting. For me, strict dieting is an absolute no. And I like sweets too. :) There is nothing wrong for having a treat now and then, IMO. :)

      I don´t do her workouts either anymore - or maybe once or twice a year. :) But I do get inspired by her sometimes, you know, I might add something to my own workouts.

    6. I go through periods of having no motivation to workout, and tons of motivation to workout! I've been only averaging around 1 workout a week for the past 2 months, and it shows!

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