Sunday, September 17, 2017

Have You Been Reading My FaceBook Page?

In case you didn't know, I have been posting lately - and rather regularly on my FB page - zuzanaorbodyrockaddict.

I know, I know I gotta figure out how to change the name.

But check it out.

I'm not posting on this blog anymore as I don't have access to it like I used to, but I do to the FB page!

Friday, April 28, 2017

Continuing to Find Workout Motivation!

It's been a while everyone! Hope you are all doing well.

Have you all been working out!? I hope so!

I've been struggling with workout motivation mostly over the past several months and have posted about it. I've been lucky in the sense that I DO keep working out even if it is just going through the motions.
Since I work at a gym it is hard NOT to at least the find the time. Working out is my medicine in life and without it I just don't feel right, so I always do something!

Zuzka I have found more motivating lately. I like her handstand and stretching stuff. I continue to follow Bret Contreras and do his workouts regularly that way I don't have to come up with my own stuff and follow a program.
I took a peek at BR.TV the other day and WOW how it has changed.
I did do one rep of a 35 lb weighted pull-up this morning! I did a 175 lb deadlight for 4 reps too - I've done more weight, but for 175 lbs, I've done 3 reps, this morning I did it for 4 reps, so I was happy with that.

Where I've been REALLY been getting psyched to workout lately is indoor rock climbing. I tried it with my kids and I'm addicted! It is so challenging and so damn fun! And also so damn expensive! I cannot afford to do it as much as I would like. I need to find a way to fit more of that into my life. My kids love it, I love it. I want a rock climbing wall in my backyard, LOL. I could do this everyday all day long. Have any of you tried it?

There is another woman that I follow on Instagram - Sohee Fit. She has her own web-site too She gets a lot of her workouts from Bret. She is one smart ANF fit woman. She used to have an eating disorder as well. Check her out. You might learn something - either about working out OR nutrition. She's super likable, and I find all of her stuff to be an easy read.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Are Equalizers a Good Home Workout Tool? Is Dark Chocolate Good For You? 5 Ways To Fire up Your Workouts! How To Be Happy With Yourself

Hey everybody!!! How are you all doing?

I've been buried under snow! UGH. My kids have had 3 snow days all ready, one kiddo has had strep throat twice, the other one once, and now this week they are on February vacation. I'm losing my mind! LOL.

I'm still managing to fit in my workouts for the most part. Most of my workouts have been at home, and I miss the gym. Getting out my house is GOOD for me!

I saw Zuzka did a workout  with the Equalizers the other day, and I completely agreed with her. I have some that were given to me as a gift and I do not use them either for the same reason she stated - I find them completely unstable. Do any of you use them? I know BR.TV are big believers of them, but I had even mentioned this in the past - I found them to be unsafe. Other than using them to do a few select exercises I wouldn't use them at all. And for the few select exercises (push ups and inverted rows) they are not worth the money - TO ME. Anyone else?

Many of you also know I am a huuuuuge chocolate lover. Only dark chocolate though - no milk or white chocolate. People at work make fun of me I eat so much of it - and actually many people at work hunt me down for it because they know I always have a stash of it hiding somewhere!
I found a great article about it on T-Nation:

I'm not a candy bar fan or anything like  that - but I do LOVE dark chocolate. I'm addicted!

I found another great article on T-Nation (I love this site!) about making your workouts twice as effective. I can't remember if I shared this before, but it is worth mentioning again.
We've talked about being in a rut before as well on this blog, and I think this advice can help:

It talks about ways to fire up your workouts - which I lot of us can use. I keep thinking of doing CrossFit at my own gym, but half the time the workouts are just ridiculous in my opinion. Just
TOO much. I was lucky enough to be a judge in a CrossFit competition last weekend and it was amazing! These man and women were AMAZING athletes. It made me want to participate in CrossFit SO badly, but again - how does one deal with all that volume of work several times a week? I feel like I would fall apart!

I'm on a new month of Strong by Bret and it is a push-pull month with more volume than normal, so we will see how I do. It will be an easy week though, because I am forced to take a day or two off as I'm taking my kids away to an indoor water park for their school vacation. This means I will have to be in a bathing suit. AHHHH! Good thing I've been sticking to my workouts. Pictures will be taken so I'll be my own worst critic and I'll be able to see how much of a diet I need to go on. LOL.

It's funny how we as women are SO hard on ourselves - right? I try not to be, but then again I want to be to keep myself in check. I don't want to be one of those people who lets themselves go. I know there is a happy medium in there somewhere. I know what is most important is being happy with yourself. If anyone has the secret to that - please DO TELL. Ha!

I think this is why I always had issues with Lisa. She always kept telling us to be happy with ourselves when she clearly was not happy with herself. I hope she is now. I never look at anything from BR.TV anymore, I've unsubscribed from their emails, and unfollowed them on FB, so I don't keep up with what they do. I don't follow Zuzka on FB anymore either, but I do on Instagram, so I see her videos from time to time. I DO think Z is happy with herself. I thinks she has found a lifestyle that works for HER. I don't think it is an easy lifestyle or normal one OR one that most people can follow, but I DO think it works for her. AND that is why it makes her famous. Just like other athletes are famous. If they were normal they wouldn't be athletes!

Just my 2 cents for a Sunday morning! :) XO ~Gina

Thursday, February 2, 2017

A Fat Loss AND a Strength Workout?

If any of you are bored and are looking for a new workout that will help you lose fat, but will NOT strip away the muscle, then I think I found something you will really like!

It is a program by Nick Tumminello, and he was voted the NCSA Personal Trainer of the Year. His program is called The Fat-Loss 4 Workout, it is online and it is FREE.

There are lots of descriptions and videos in this article so you won't get lost. It is pretty thorough IMHO for a free workout program.

I am not following this program right now only because I am more into strength, not into Fat Loss - but not to say down the road closer to April before bikini season I might not give this a go. I find that if I do too much fat loss work it backfires on me and I get hungrier. But that's MY body. Strength also works better for my body.
I did a couple of random cardio workouts this week - jump rope and KB swings and all it did was make me hungrier than normal. UGH. I'll stick to strength and yoga. Sometimes you just gotta know your body. All those crazy HIIT workouts look so much fun, and make you sweat, etc, but like I said, backfire for me. They just make me SUPER hungry and I pig out. What's then the point - right?

However, this program by Nick combines the best of both worlds, and it looks fun, tough and I like his strength work and there's not a ton of cardio, Take a look and let me know what you think!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Where Do You Spend Money on Fitness?

I am curious as to where you guys spend the most money on your fitness journey.

Is it Programs? Clothes? Equipment? Sneakers? Gym memberships?

Right now I spend $30 a month on the Strong by Bret Program. I do buy equipment here and there, but not too often. I need a new jump rope, but the one I have will do for now.

I buy sneakers twice a year. Since I am not a runner or a cardio person my sneakers do not get a lot of wear and tear.

I LOVE to get new workout clothes and go through phases of buying a bunch at once and then not buying any at all. Right now I am into graphic tanks - I love tanks with little sayings on them.

I am not spending money on ZGym or BR.TV or Beachbody or anything like that. Since I work at a gym, I get my membership for free, or I would spend the money on a gym membership. Like I said in my last post, I alternate from working out at home and working out at the gym. I like to use the sauna at the gym in the colder months too - and that is not something I can duplicate at home!

I used to spend money on going to yoga classes, but that is something I don't do anymore. I miss it though. I just practice on my own. One day I am sure I will get back into classes. Kids change everything! LOL. You can get a lot of great free classes online as well. I keep seeing ads for the CodyApp, and it is yoga app I am tempted to get. Does anyone use it?

I am not a fitness gadget junkie at all - no FitBit or heart rate monitors, or watches, or special water bottles, or gym bags, or any accessories or anything like that. I also do not buy fitness magazines either. I used to, but I no longer find them appealing.

I would love to hear what you guys love to spend your money on when it comes to fitness! If you have any good finds or anything you can't live without, do tell!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

New Year's Workout Motivation? Working out at home or at the gym?

I know a lot of folks start working out this time of year, and many people fall off the wagon right away!
I workout all the time because it is like a medicine to me - I'm super cranky without my workout. It's in my blood.
I always have a harder time in the winter though - it is cold and dark and my workouts seem to be just going through the motions. I hate it. My squat and deadlift strength both have gone DOWN not up and it is driving me crazy. But then again at least I am working out. I'm not sitting on my couch.

I often wonder if the colder weather is why I struggle getting stronger in the winter. It's as if my muscles just can't get warmed up enough.

I saw Zuzka post a CRAZY workout on her Instagram the other day doing on legged hops onto a chair into pistols, then doing on legged wheels on a wall into half walk overs. I was literally like - whatever. It didn't find it motivating. It looked dangerous and it looked like only gymnasts would be able to do it. I know I am knocking her right now. I will watch another video from her and find it very motivating. I am very hot and cold when it comes to Zuzka.

I love watching Bret and Ben Bruno on Instagram. Ben did a super hard leg workout the other day and even made a comment about pistol squats stating that they aren't very user friendly, are too hard for a lot of folks and most people cannot do them without significant lumbar flexion. That's definitely me! My legs are so damn long it compromises my spine to do them. It would just take so much practice for me to get there I have to ask myself - is it worth it? I'd rather work on other things.
Ben did single leg squats and skater squats and it looked like a killer. Even his assisted single leg squats looked hard as hell!

I'm going to be working out from home tomorrow. I actually prefer to workout at the gym these days. I go through phases where I prefer one or the other. What do you guys prefer? I get interrupted a lot from my kids - they have the day off from school tomorrow, and I don't want to pay for a sitter for the whole day, so I'm going into work later. But often times when I workout at the gym I know so many people I get interrupted there too! Hahaha. Either way I do enjoy my workouts. It is ME time.

The gym obviously has more equipment and more space so I like that I can dabble around in different things. Sometimes at home though I will try things I wouldn't at the gym. And I can workout in my PJ's. :)

I saw how many of you commented on Tati's workouts. I never really followed her much, so I don't miss her as much as many of you do, but from the sounds of it, she was really great.
I know many of you also followed Rumi who went missing for a while and last I saw she was pregnant.

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend and staying fit!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Who do you follow? Who inspires you in the fitness world?

Is there anyone on FB or Instagram that any of you follow these days that you find particularly inspiring?

I actually follow Men's Health on FB and love it. BJ Gaddour - the director - I find super motivating. He has lost a TON of weight himself and has done a total body transformation. He has a to die for body - for men and for women to look at! And his workouts are often FANTASTIC. His attitude is great too..

GMB Fitness is another one. They are more about mobility, flexibility and gymnastics type stuff, but I always love to see what they've got to say and their videos are also super inspiring. I keep contemplating ordering some of their programs. If only there was enough hours in the day!

Nutrition WOD is another one for simple and healthy recipes. I am ALL about simple. I still hate to cook though. LOL.

I keep seeing adds for the Cody App and the DailyOm - 21 Day Yoga Shred. I am curious about both, so if anyone out there has done either, let me know.

I still follow Ben Bruno, Bret Contreras and Kellie Davis all on Instragram. All full of great fitness info. As well as Sohee Fit. I recommend checking her out if you haven't already.