Thursday, February 2, 2017

A Fat Loss AND a Strength Workout?

If any of you are bored and are looking for a new workout that will help you lose fat, but will NOT strip away the muscle, then I think I found something you will really like!

It is a program by Nick Tumminello, and he was voted the NCSA Personal Trainer of the Year. His program is called The Fat-Loss 4 Workout, it is online and it is FREE.

There are lots of descriptions and videos in this article so you won't get lost. It is pretty thorough IMHO for a free workout program.

I am not following this program right now only because I am more into strength, not into Fat Loss - but not to say down the road closer to April before bikini season I might not give this a go. I find that if I do too much fat loss work it backfires on me and I get hungrier. But that's MY body. Strength also works better for my body.
I did a couple of random cardio workouts this week - jump rope and KB swings and all it did was make me hungrier than normal. UGH. I'll stick to strength and yoga. Sometimes you just gotta know your body. All those crazy HIIT workouts look so much fun, and make you sweat, etc, but like I said, backfire for me. They just make me SUPER hungry and I pig out. What's then the point - right?

However, this program by Nick combines the best of both worlds, and it looks fun, tough and I like his strength work and there's not a ton of cardio, Take a look and let me know what you think!

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