Sunday, January 22, 2017

Where Do You Spend Money on Fitness?

I am curious as to where you guys spend the most money on your fitness journey.

Is it Programs? Clothes? Equipment? Sneakers? Gym memberships?

Right now I spend $30 a month on the Strong by Bret Program. I do buy equipment here and there, but not too often. I need a new jump rope, but the one I have will do for now.

I buy sneakers twice a year. Since I am not a runner or a cardio person my sneakers do not get a lot of wear and tear.

I LOVE to get new workout clothes and go through phases of buying a bunch at once and then not buying any at all. Right now I am into graphic tanks - I love tanks with little sayings on them.

I am not spending money on ZGym or BR.TV or Beachbody or anything like that. Since I work at a gym, I get my membership for free, or I would spend the money on a gym membership. Like I said in my last post, I alternate from working out at home and working out at the gym. I like to use the sauna at the gym in the colder months too - and that is not something I can duplicate at home!

I used to spend money on going to yoga classes, but that is something I don't do anymore. I miss it though. I just practice on my own. One day I am sure I will get back into classes. Kids change everything! LOL. You can get a lot of great free classes online as well. I keep seeing ads for the CodyApp, and it is yoga app I am tempted to get. Does anyone use it?

I am not a fitness gadget junkie at all - no FitBit or heart rate monitors, or watches, or special water bottles, or gym bags, or any accessories or anything like that. I also do not buy fitness magazines either. I used to, but I no longer find them appealing.

I would love to hear what you guys love to spend your money on when it comes to fitness! If you have any good finds or anything you can't live without, do tell!


  1. Oh, I am entirely with you about fitness gadgets. I find them unworthy of my money. I like to take an old-school approach to fitness and working out. Keep it simple and basic and maximize the use out of the few equipment I've got (kettlebell, resistance bands, jump rope). That's why I'm such a fan of home workouts.
    Ok true, I do like a sleek-looking yoga pant or workout tight, and I did heavily shop at Lululemon up until a few years ago, but I realized I don't NEED them. I don't need more than 2 pairs of shorts and leggings. I still feel the pull of awesome new workouts clothes, but the reality is that I just don't need it. This may also have something to do with me being a follower of the capsule wardrobe movement (where you own no more than 33-50 pieces of clothing altogether, for all seasons), and I actually feel good knowing I don't have a drawer full of unworn clothes. Oh, and I do free youtube yoga classes too. Yoga by Candace is my favorite. I live in a large city where yoga classes are ridiculously expensive, and I get so much out of doing my routines in my quiet, warm living room :-)

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  3. I have the same philosophy: fitness can be free and that's the appeal & that's why I don't enjoy, -"buy the vest, buy the T-bar, etc."-Well, no thank you! and for beginners I would suggest buying nothing at all until you're certain that you're enjoying it and want to go further with it! You might just end up hurting yourself with Equipment you can't use! Bodyweight exercises are challenging enough, bottles & cans can be used as dumbbells for a good while. I used plastic bottles (small then large) filled with water then upgraded them by filling them with gravel & water, only then I bought two 5kg Dbs for a better grip. Interval timers are free online and electronic gadgets need metals that are becoming rare so really why buy them? I prefer the idea of just me and my sweat & tears, no gimmicks, Rocky Balboa's style! ....Well, at my humble level!

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  5. I really loved the Zgym for a while. The workouts were tough and I found inspiration in some of the creative ways the workouts were done. I loved all the Zshreds, cardio shreds, kettlebell workouts, etc.
    Unfortunately, I haven't felt this way probably since September or so. :( I may cancel my membership for a while. Maybe she's overworked and feels kind of "meh" herself. :) I have noticed she is sometimes a little defensive in her replies to customers. When I'm exhausted, I get a little moody too. Haha
    Anyways, as far as equipment goes... kettlebells! I would say the majority of my money goes to kettlebells because they are so expensive. But totally worth the price tag!
    As far a motivation I have been turning to IG accounts for Hannah Eden Fitness, BJ Addour (of Men's health), and Alexia Clark (awesome creative and free workouts!).
    Hannah Eden posted free workouts on IG, which you can still find, until Jan 1st this year. She started her own subscription. She is fun and a total bad ass. Her workouts remind me how Z's workouts used to be. :)
    BJ Addour (sp?) posts great tips on how to work up to pull ups that actually work! I got to my first pull ups using his techniques. I may order his 2 video series from Men's Health, Meta Shred. They both feature Alexia Clark & Hannah Eden. :)

    1. Hi, i am going to look up this BJ Addour as i am trying to get my first pullup. I finally canceled my zgym membership. I just needed something more or different, not sure. I am doing Jill Coleman's Treadlift program "Build' now and testing her free weekly Fastphysique which is coming out in April. I am loving it and am so sore. I finally do not feel the need to add to my workouts. I am curious about Hannah Eden's stuff.

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