Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Year!

HNY everyone! Do you have New Years Resolutions? Mine is to start blogging on here again! I have been so overwhelmed with life I haven't made time to get on here and blog, so I need to make time to do that again!
I hope the New Year finds all of you well. :)

What have you all been doing for workouts? I am still following the Strong by Bret program. I am still doing some yoga as well. I am still doing as little cardio as possible. I read somewhere once that if you cannot keep your appetite in check then you need to back off your workouts. This definitely rings true for me. Less is more. If I work harder with weights and keep my workouts to about 45-60 minutes, and do less cardio/HIIT it works MUCH better for MY body.

I also have a tendency to want to dabble in everything. You can't get good at everything! So I have to focus on a few things. I am focusing on deadlifts right now - I had backed off, and one arm push-ups. I am trying to get to 10 on my knees on each side before progressing. They were bothering my  lower back do we will see how it goes. I am getting better at handstands too. But I can't also focus on pistols, handstands pushups, Turkish get ups, heavy squats, bench presses, yoga moves, etc. etc. Do any of you do this too? I actually LIKE exercise so I like to do TOO much. Backing off has worked wonders for me lately.

I'd love to hear if any of you have found anything that is working for you!

I haven't been paying too much attention to Zuzka. I did notice that she is re-doing her Upper body Inferno workouts. I find her inspirational, but at times I just find that she makes me feel bad about myself. Things come much easier to her than most and I find that SO damn frustrating! So I just don't always watch her. This is not a DIG against her. It's just HOW I FEEL.
I haven't even looked at BR.TV AT ALL.

Here are some articles for you all to read that you might find interesting and might help start your New Year off right by Nia Shanks.

Do anyone of you follow Ben Bruno on Instagram? You should!!!! So inspirational! His workouts, his quotes, and he is damn funny. You can follow Bret on Instagram too and see the workouts he does with the ladies he trains, and get an idea of what he does as part of his Strong by Bret program.
Another one to check out is Fit Thrive/Kellie Davis. She posts a free workout every week and does a lot of core and booty work.

Well, that's it for now.

Happy New Year! XOXOXO


  1. HNY. I just started 8 week hartcore video trainer by For FREE!

    BR. TV is now monthly payment

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  3. HNY! BR is now removing their old videos, in particular the 30 day RTC, and putting it on Sweatflix. They're doing the 30 day RTC right now, and it's disappointing because there was no clarity- they never said that they were going to put all of their workouts on Sweatflix. I don't mind paying money, but I would like to know what's happening- even other people asked about what happened to the live workouts and the 30 day RTC, and they avoided those questions for weeks. Ughh! I'm done with BR for good at this point. I did buy FB 4 week FBsweat and it's really quite thorough! The workouts are 30-50 minutes long, and the trainers are so genuine. Definitely worth a buy since their programs are 10-15 dollars! I'm thinking of doing Zuzka's ZCUT DVD after this one ends! My fitness NYR is to not overdo workouts- I always want to do an hour+ a day, but it's a huge time commitment. I really like the idea of doing workouts throughout the day- I was thinking of doing the ZCUT videos later in the day as needed, but I'm worried about having it be overkill. 12 minute workouts just don't do it for me as a main workout anymore, I'm afraid.

    1. Oh, I didn't know they were removing the workouts from YT. This is a sad news... I am actually doing the Bodyrock 100 day challenge, it's a quick 5 min or so workout that Lisa is doing in her daily pep talk, fortunatly she does a quick snap or a instagram video with the challenge so I don't have to listen to all the 45 min FB advertising Bodyrock video

    2. How's the challenge? I don't think I'll go back there for a while because of how aggressive everything is, but the workouts were always good!

    3. So far it's pretty good. I add them to my daily workouts!

  4. I remember Freddy saying 'our workouts will always be free' and they are not anymore. I get it they have lots of people working for them now - it costs but communicate it through your community instead of not answering anything - hey! What to answer if the questions are deleted anyway? I also remember Lisa saying before Xmas that 'just in case the real workouts are not available anymore, jump on and do it with me right now'. Anyway Zuzka and Freddy have the same mentality, do not answer uncormfortable questions - it's free what else do you want since I do not owe you anything. Yes they are right, there are people who worship the and there are people who will just go somewhere else for workouts.

  5. I'm thinking of doing the bikini model fitness workouts after the FB program is over!

  6. Oh yeah, I also love dabbling in five different things at once! I see something that inspires me and I want to do it right away! I used to feel so excited about BR/Zuzka in the early days, and that has nearly vanished. I still have a Zgym subscription but I might put it on hold every now and then. Personally, I just keep redoing a handful of workouts that really kick my butt, and not so much the newer stuff because it contains too much equipment that I don't have. I don't know why I still pay for that subscription. I know what you mean when you say Zuzka makes you feel bad about yourself - same here. But when I think about how her job is to work out and look that way, I feel slightly better, because people who have full time jobs just don't have that much time for hours of workouts the way she does. Sometimes that is a little bit my issue with her....the fact that she still implies that you can look like her with one of her workouts a day. We are SO past that at this point.

  7. Hi! You also need to eat the way she does...which is near impossible for most of us I think!

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