Saturday, January 7, 2017

Who do you follow? Who inspires you in the fitness world?

Is there anyone on FB or Instagram that any of you follow these days that you find particularly inspiring?

I actually follow Men's Health on FB and love it. BJ Gaddour - the director - I find super motivating. He has lost a TON of weight himself and has done a total body transformation. He has a to die for body - for men and for women to look at! And his workouts are often FANTASTIC. His attitude is great too..

GMB Fitness is another one. They are more about mobility, flexibility and gymnastics type stuff, but I always love to see what they've got to say and their videos are also super inspiring. I keep contemplating ordering some of their programs. If only there was enough hours in the day!

Nutrition WOD is another one for simple and healthy recipes. I am ALL about simple. I still hate to cook though. LOL.

I keep seeing adds for the Cody App and the DailyOm - 21 Day Yoga Shred. I am curious about both, so if anyone out there has done either, let me know.

I still follow Ben Bruno, Bret Contreras and Kellie Davis all on Instragram. All full of great fitness info. As well as Sohee Fit. I recommend checking her out if you haven't already.


  1. Nice to see a fit man with great muscle balance! (Had to check BJ, of course ;D ) I mean, there are some guys who have a huge upper body and almost "skinny" legs, like they forgot to train legs. =D

    Jen Heward is still my biggest inspiration. I love her personality, tips, workout ideas etc. Also Sara Solomon is one of my favourites. Recently I began to follow Natalie Jill on Twitter, she´s nice and cool. I miss Tatianna (Loving Fit) though. I know she is on Instagram but it´s not the same, and I don´t go to Instagram often at all. I still check Zuzka´s stuff now and then, but I think I have outgrown from her, mostly. =D

    1. I've tried to go on her Instagram, but there's literally nothing about fitness or any of the motivating things she used to speak about. She taught me so much and I always loved her Vlogs. It's turned into her posting pictures of herself, and she's gorgeous, but it's not inspiring at all, really, because I always saw her as this motivational, originating hippy person, and not as someone who followed the latest trends. I love her workouts and I still read the articles, but it's disheartening that it's been 5 months without anything.

    2. Yeah, I'm also bummed about Tati's retreat from the fitness world. Her workouts were amazing and I still go back to some old classics that I love. When I look at her Instagram, I can't help wondering what happened to her. This is not supposed to be a dig against her, but I wonder what these people DO all day except take photos of themselves. Obviously, no one has to share how they spend their days, but simply I cannot connect with Tati anymore. I work 70 hour weeks and looking at her Instagram where she lasciviously poses for photos and talks about her feelings has nothing to do with my reality.

    3. I am not sure, but I think Loving Fit never was her "real job", it was more of a hobby, so I guess she has left it behind. I´m also wondering that maybe the site never got the popularity she wanted (and IMO, she would have deserved) so she decided to leave. Who knows, maybe she will come back. Hope so.

      Also, I remember she once said she is actually very busy in her "normal life" that she doesn´t have time as much before. I don´t know what she does for living, and I don´t really care, I don´t define people of what they do or don´t.

      And, she has said she is a sexual person, so I kinda understand her pictures. (I might visit on her Instagram maybe once in a moth or in two months) I like her thoughts and quotes and stuff, because I have somewhat a similar mind on that matter. But yes, I do miss fitness stuff. I still think she is/was the BEST, and if she is not going to come back, well then, what a pity.

      Have a great week, you all! =D

    4. From what I remember, Loving Fit allowed her to quit her desk job that she hated. She's a partner on YT and I think she does fine monetarily now, which allows her to focus on Instagram. I remember her talking about how FB wasn't helpful for posting posts anymore, and that she was going to focus on building her Instagram account!

      I don't mind her posing, really, but it seems like every other IG account with pictures and quotes and without fitness or even her spiritual stuff. I love the law of attraction and I remember the Monday Mingle blog posts. She even replied back to every comment, and would write articles based on requests, which I thought was cool. I asked her a question once, and she wrote a really powerful blog post about it that really helped me. I think that what she did on LF was her passion, and that she did so many things, but she was criminally underrated and got a bit burned off. I wish her Instagram account incorporated more of her wisdom because of how lacking it is in the world. She was really somewhat of a pioneer in a lot of areas and talked about so many things before they were popular.

      End rant. Back to focusing on the first day of school! Have a great day as well!

    5. Irene and AMinnow, completely agree with both of you! Tati was indeed "criminally underrated" and I LOVED her fitness advice, there was so much structure and knowledge there. She did answer every question you ever asked and it was clear that she had a very profound understanding of muscle and exercise physiology. That's why it seems like such a waste to me that she no longer shares that knowledge with the public ("waste" of course not in the literal sense). She does seem like someone with a huge life, and it's no surprise she would rather focus on that. Personally, I can't identify with some of her spiritual views, but to each her own :-) I'm very grateful that she at least kept her site up for free.

    6. Also, to me, Tati represented everything that Zuzka is not. I was obsessed with Zuzka/BR for a while, and then I stumbled upon Tati and I realized "THIS girl knows exactly what she's talking about". It actually showed me how unqualified Zuzka was in some ways. Her training still aligned with much of what Tati was preaching, but Tati always explained the reason behind this or that training method. That's when it hit me that Zuzka was mostly show (although she does know how to train herself, I'll hand her that).

    7. Yes, my fitness journey has been very similar. Tatianna´s workouts were the ones which really changed me - I actually started to look like I do work out. =D Z and BR pretty much just "made" me skinny. I really do hope Tati will come back eventually, though I do also see fitness joyrneys like any journeys - there is always a possibility to evolve. Z & Tatianna have been a great help with my joyrney and I´m very grateful for that. These days I mostly create my own work outs. But I still miss Tati, she always had awesome, creative ideas (without being too complicated). Also, after all these years, and seeing many other trainers, I have noticed I am not that attracted to Z´s personality anymore. She was my absolute favourite for a long time, and I still like her. But now my eyes are more open. =D

    8. Initially, I really liked Zuzka's personality and her body was my goal until I got injured from one of her workouts in the BR days. To this day, I still don't think she gets muscle physiology and structuring workouts to accommodate for that, or even balanced workouts. She might be different now, but I refuse to pay for her site. I did try her ZWOWs and some of her sweat factor workouts, and encountered similar issues. i found Tatiana and could never really take BR or Z that seriously again. Tatianna's workouts have completely changed my lower body! I still do her lower body stuff, but I could never do much of her upper body stuff because of how weak my arms are lol. FitnessBlender is also pretty balanced and honest, which is why I mostly follow them these days and augment with LF workouts as needed.

  2. I also follow GMB. I follow one of their head trainers, Kirsty, on Instagram. She's so incredibly strong and agile, I find her super motivating. She also shares subtle hints and cues for improving handstands.
    MacKenzie Miller has a few programs on Cody app. I know her from ekhartyoga and I always enjoy her classes. She's a personal trainer, so I find her yoga classes much more challenging.

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