Sunday, January 15, 2017

New Year's Workout Motivation? Working out at home or at the gym?

I know a lot of folks start working out this time of year, and many people fall off the wagon right away!
I workout all the time because it is like a medicine to me - I'm super cranky without my workout. It's in my blood.
I always have a harder time in the winter though - it is cold and dark and my workouts seem to be just going through the motions. I hate it. My squat and deadlift strength both have gone DOWN not up and it is driving me crazy. But then again at least I am working out. I'm not sitting on my couch.

I often wonder if the colder weather is why I struggle getting stronger in the winter. It's as if my muscles just can't get warmed up enough.

I saw Zuzka post a CRAZY workout on her Instagram the other day doing on legged hops onto a chair into pistols, then doing on legged wheels on a wall into half walk overs. I was literally like - whatever. It didn't find it motivating. It looked dangerous and it looked like only gymnasts would be able to do it. I know I am knocking her right now. I will watch another video from her and find it very motivating. I am very hot and cold when it comes to Zuzka.

I love watching Bret and Ben Bruno on Instagram. Ben did a super hard leg workout the other day and even made a comment about pistol squats stating that they aren't very user friendly, are too hard for a lot of folks and most people cannot do them without significant lumbar flexion. That's definitely me! My legs are so damn long it compromises my spine to do them. It would just take so much practice for me to get there I have to ask myself - is it worth it? I'd rather work on other things.
Ben did single leg squats and skater squats and it looked like a killer. Even his assisted single leg squats looked hard as hell!

I'm going to be working out from home tomorrow. I actually prefer to workout at the gym these days. I go through phases where I prefer one or the other. What do you guys prefer? I get interrupted a lot from my kids - they have the day off from school tomorrow, and I don't want to pay for a sitter for the whole day, so I'm going into work later. But often times when I workout at the gym I know so many people I get interrupted there too! Hahaha. Either way I do enjoy my workouts. It is ME time.

The gym obviously has more equipment and more space so I like that I can dabble around in different things. Sometimes at home though I will try things I wouldn't at the gym. And I can workout in my PJ's. :)

I saw how many of you commented on Tati's workouts. I never really followed her much, so I don't miss her as much as many of you do, but from the sounds of it, she was really great.
I know many of you also followed Rumi who went missing for a while and last I saw she was pregnant.

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend and staying fit!


  1. I prefer working out at home because how early I wake up- my gym isn't open. I may start power lifting next month!

    I hate waiting forever for equipment for the gym, so I just work out at home and do FB workouts or wall workouts/dance.

  2. Pistol squats are actually easier on a chair - at least for me. =D I tried the one leg hop thing - I did not quite get it yet (tried only a couple times) but if I practice a bit more I´ll get it.

    The wall thing I can forget... =D I just don´t have the patience enough to practice the wheel thing. =D But I don´t mind, I think is cool to see Z doing stuff like that - I don´t have to be able to do everything. =D

    1. "I think it´s cool" I meant to say, I wish blogger had an edit button. =D

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